Reiki Treatments

Reiki works on all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It is a totally natural and holistic system, the energy goes to where the problem is in the mind or body, the energy will search out the problem areas.

Reiki is a hands-on healing system for channeling Life Force energy. The person giving Reiki channels the energy through her body and out through her hands. Through this connection, the practitioner is protected from taking on any bad energy from the client and protects the client from any negative energy that the practitioner might have. The only thing that is channeled is pure energy.

The client does not have to believe in Reiki for it to do its work.

Your Reiki Treatment

You can visit my Kelowna Reiki Treatment Room. Each Reiki healing session lasts approximately one hour and is a hands-on treatment with you remaining fully clothed, as the energy will penetrate through whatever you are wearing. Your body temperature may fluctuate especially if a lot of emotions come up during a session, so there is a blanket nearby if necessary.

Your treatment will consist of varying numbers of hand positions starting at the head and ending at the feet. The Reiki immediately connects with you without any ceremonies or intentions on my part. The energy has high intelligence and will go where you need it.

You could feel anything from intense heat, tingling, and lightness to a sense of deep peace and well-being – The sensations people have felt differ from person to person.

First-time clients will be asked to fill in a client information form followed by a brief consultation.

Distance Reiki Healing

If you are unable to visit my Kelowna treatment rooms, then Distance Reconnective Healing is a powerful alternative. Read about Distance Reiki Treatments.

Reiki for Young Children & Teenagers

What is Reiki?

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