Reiki Supporting Mental Health

The time upon may seem for many to be uncertain. Many people during these times are showing signs of anxiety and depression due to the months of lockdown, and their normal being disrupted.

It’s not the lockdowns or mandates that have affected people’s physical and mental wellbeing, it’s the vibrations all around them that have pushed their consciousness to expand beyond their conditioning. Those ripples can contribute to increased anxiety and tension. This could be job uncertainty, money worries, or feelings of loneliness.

Experiencing any of these feelings can be unsettling, which is where Reiki sessions can help.

Reiki helping with mental health

Reiki, for many people, has been shown to help with mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing during troubling times. I have helped people with a range of problems, and my Reiki treatment sessions. Reiki has offered them:

  • A deep sense of relaxation
  • A helping hand to balance their mental health
  • Relief from the home working environment

It is always a great practice to address the problems before they escalate, which can help provide the peace of mind and relaxation needed to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Following your first Reiki session with Ray, you may begin to feel the pressure and anxiety lift. This can lead to feeling a deep sense of inner comfort, peace, and tranquillity. For many, these feelings can have longer-lasting results.

Reiki for teenagers

It is not just adults that experience these feelings, teenagers are often prone to being overwhelmed with the enormity of the changes we have all experienced recently.

Teenagers may also find trouble with sleeping, and parents sometimes can see mood swings and general loss of temperament. Reiki for teenagers will help to address these issues while helping to improve the focus and concentration for schoolwork. The Reiki sessions can also provide an outlet for stress and anxiety supporting a much more relaxed and clearer mind.

Worried about going back to the office?

It is only natural to have some concerns about a possible new situation that you have not experienced before. New ways of working, changes to times, office environments, and routines.

You may also experience anxiety while traveling to your office, especially if you use public transport.

Reiki sessions can support the mental health of both business owners and employees to overcome the worries and trepidations of going back to their new work environment. This has the knock-on effect of a happier and more productive workplace, increased performance, and the potential to reduce sick leave.

If you would like to find out how my Reiki treatments can help you, your family members, or work colleagues with stress levels please book a session. I look forward to connecting with you.

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