Ray Brown’s Gifts & Background

Ray Brown, born Raaj Brar in India grew up in a family of women. Being the only boy with five older sisters, he had his share of dynamic feminine energies all around him. As in many eastern cultures, the family looks forward to a boy, rather than a girl; so that it can carry its family name forward. Before Ray was born his birth was foretold by a mystic Shaman who the family constantly went to for enlightenment.

Ray’s earliest memories of his gifts were when he was just a few months old. As he was held in the arms of an elder in a group of people, he could sense their thoughts, desires, and transform his energy in them, or in objects they were holding, and become those objects. He remembers a woman holding food and about to put it in her mouth, and he remembers becoming that food, going into the women’s mouth, and with every bite understanding more of her energy, thoughts, and desires.

This ability to read people’s energies went ignored by Ray, as he just assumed everyone could do this. Ray was astro-traveling while dreaming and awake during the day at a very young age. The knowledge he gained from those travels he kept inside, as they kept mounting up with wisdom. The way he saw the world around him, he later came to find, was extremely unique. At the age of six Ray came to British Columbia, Canada with his family, he went through the joy and pain of being an immigrant, but his gifts never stopped growing.

Fast forward to Ray being twenty-three years old, he decides to go back to India to visit his land and home where he grew up with one of his older sisters. He also wanted to visit the ashram of the Mystic Shaman. When he arrived at the ashram, the shaman’s son was waiting for him, as his father had passed away a decade back. Ray looked puzzled, as no one told the son he was coming, how could he have known that Ray was coming? Ray sat down with the Shaman and his sister who was also gifted.

Ray got overloaded with information to process in that meeting. One of the first things they told Ray was, “You do know and have realized by now, that you’re not supposed to be here.” Ray knew what they meant, but joked, “You mean in India?”

“No, in this lifetime. You were not meant to be here in this lifetime. You’re here before your time. Haven’t you noticed how misunderstood you have been?” said the Shaman.

Up till that point, Ray never thought about it, and was just passive with negative things and focused on the good positive things ahead. The Shaman went on to say the following things to Ray:

  • I’m going to activate some Chakra’s, and dormant cells that have been sleeping inside, which will enable you to expand your gifts further.
  • You know you can read minds, thoughts, and heal people! You’ve been doing it all your life.
  • You’re meant to go through a lot of life lessons, but nothing that you can’t handle. Those lessons will compliment your spiritual wisdom, which you’ve been gaining through deep sleep astral-traveling. Haven’t you ever woken up and just known things that you didn’t before you went to sleep? What may have been an six or eight hour sleep for you, in the quantum energy world, it can be years or a lifetime.
  • After the age of forty four, your Golden Gates will open.
  • And your gifts of healing with expand, going beyong Reiki and touch.
  • There will come a time in your life when people will come to you for healing, and you will give them a glass of water that you pour, and once they drink it, after 30 days, they will be healed.

All that was a bit too much for Ray to take in and process, and at that time, he felt the Shaman was trying to recruit him into this ashram. Which Ray wasn’t interested in joining. But that wasn’t what the Shaman was trying to do, neither was his sister who just sat there and listened and watched Ray. He felt her scanning Ray’s aura, thoughts, and energy.

Over twenty years have passed since that visit, and everything that the Shaman foretold has come true. The amount of people that Ray has helped that just came into his life is countless. He built companies, tinkered with Social Media, took a company “Public” and then resigned as Chairman/CEO. Had battles with tech companies. Explored corporate and personal relationships. Explored the consciousness of people all around him and their hopes, dreams, fears, doubts, and aspirations. All those moments were lessons, wisdom, knowledge.

The thing that Ray never did was read the commercialized version of healing. He felt they were not authentic and most of that material didn’t resonate with him. The wisdom Ray had inside his consciousness was hard for people to make sense of; how can someone know something without reading about it. One of the things Ray says is, “Kids when they learn how to walk, don’t read books on how to do it, there is a higher power of intuition and knowledge in the ether all around us, and babies tap into that all the time. And we as adults as we got older forgot how to use those gifts and tap into that power.”

Ray’s helped people who couldn’t walk properly. Who had knee pains, back pains, and through touch and Reiki removed their pain. Reiki isn’t just about healing the body, it’s also about healing the mind. Ray’s healed so many people who were struggling with love, anger, and trouble sleeping.

If you haven’t experienced Ray’s courses, podcast lessons, Reiki sessions, you should, in order to better understand yourself, and transform your life to its most powerful form.

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