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Balance The Mind: Remove Fear, Anxiety, and Depression

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Intro to The Mind

Ray Brown October 11, 2020

The mind is the engine of your body.  And spirituality is the oil.  Both need to work in harmony and balance. Too much abuse of the engine; like reviving is hard at times, puts strains on other parts of your body.   Of course this is a metaphor and someone can make a smart ass comment; like, “My car is electric, and doesn’t need oil.”  Ok, then, electricity requires the use of energy, and energy is more connected to your spirituality than oil.  And if your energy is off balance, your electric car’s systems could just shut down, while you’re driving 80MPH on the road.  Then what?

The mind is like a sponge, it absorbs everything and forms memories around those experiences.  Those experiences form perceptions.  Then your perspectives tend to create your character, which in sum, is how people define themselves.  But, that’s not the sum of who you are!  Consciousnessly most of humanity defines itself through ideas.  But those ideas were not created by your own experiences.  Those ideas belonged to someone else.  Listening to a story; either of God, or one of adventure in the face of death of adversity. It’s entertaining, but again, those experiences are not yours.  Stories may inspire you, but they only do for a moment.  Giving you a hit of dopamine in your body to which your brain reacts too.  

The mind is one aspect of your humanity.  And it’s connected to energy, and things your naked eye can’t see, but your other senses can feel.  Your subconsciousness.  The holy grail of your everlasting existence in this universe.  Is a portal to connect to all of your wildest imagination, dreams, hopes and desires.  

The mind can create monsters, or gods/goddesses.  Either way, they are still ideas, still not who you really are!  Aren’t you curious to find out who you really are?