Distance Healing

If you are unable to visit Ray in person at his Kelowna Practice, Distance Healing is just as powerful as being in person.

Reiki Distance Healing

Ray is able to deliver Reiki healing by connecting with her client at an agreed time, no matter where they are in the world, often with the help of a photograph. There is no need to lie still, waiting for something to happen, however, it is recommended.

Reconnective Distance Healing

As with Reiki, Distance Reconnective Healing works in exactly the same way – There is no difference in the effect between being at either Practice or receiving a Distance Reconnective Healing session on the other side of the world, it is a quantum modality, the Reconnective frequencies are light and information, so there is no weakening over distance.

I started seeing Ray earlier this year for a combination of distance and in-person Reiki sessions. Post covid recovery with other health ailments had made me anxious and burnt out with exhaustion. However, just one single distant session with Ray was enough to get me back on track. Subsequently every session – in person and distant and has only enhanced my journey in recovering both physically and mentally. Ray is very kind and gentle who listens and seems to understand exactly what is needed. Every session has made me stronger. As I continue to see Ray, I highly recommend Ray to anyone looking to regain and enhance their physical or mental well-being.

Luci, Toronto

As a result of being in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, I have just completed my first distance healing session with Ray and it was a huge success. I was a little unsure as to whether the experience would be the same as being physically in her treatment room but in my opinion, it was equally as effective. I will definitely continue these sessions as I get so much from them and they are particularly helpful in these challenging times.

Diana, Ontario

Wow, an amazing session felt like I was in the room with you. I could feel all the energy, it was making my body jolt at times! I also felt like I was being lifted up. It’s incredible how I can feel it that strongly.

Audry, Toronto

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