The Parenting Rules

Ray Brown · March 18, 2021


Parenting is hard for some people and without some sort of guide or rule book, it can get pretty crazy––fast. In my audio podcasts, “The Parenting Rules,” I discuss the best methods to raise children (newborns to teens), and how important it is to keep a healthy environment, positive energy and communication active at all times.

Each session provides insights from tired and tested methods; being a parent myself, I’ve had the privilege to talk with many parents and their pain and joy with raising their children. The podcasts are a great source of advice for those parents stuck trying to figure out what went wrong, or where they went wrong. I provide solutions to the common issues kids are facing these days.

I’ve always wondered being a parent myself, why there wasn’t a platform that had methods to deal with your kid’s energy and also my energy. Parents aren’t always right and we have to check ourselves as well before we start scolding our children.

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Ray Brown

I'm self-made, always curious. My energy at times may mirror your likes and dislikes. What you see is subjective; what you feel about me is an echo of your fears, hope and love.

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