21 Days to Transform Your Life

21 Day Transformation of your mind, body, and soul. Our thoughts manifest our state of health, abundance, and balance in our life. Let's start this journey together and transform your life.

Ray Brown · October 21, 2021

The intent of this course, the 21 Days to Transform Your Life is to break you out of the traps that your mind created. To free your consciousness from old habits that are limiting your growth and preventing you from tapping into limitless wisdom, potential and abundance. For an hour a day, for 21 days, we are going to get into your soul, your mind, your fears, your doubts, and break all conditioning that has got you stuck in your path.

You will get Daily 6 am Audio/Video content to remind you of who you are, and create a protective mindset of how to tackle your day!

You will then daily at 7 pm get a follow-up audio/video content that goes over the day you had, and how to rise up from a stressful, negative day, or lazy day. To how to increase your energy from a positive day, and practice being mindful. This will follow up with a daily 15 to 30 min sleep podcast to help you drift off to a wonderful night of sleep.

You are paying $19/day for this service. And you get access to get involved in discussions with others on our private social network of like-minded souls. An investment in yourself is rewarding when you align yourself with energies that you want to strive towards.

About Instructor

Ray Brown

I'm self-made, always curious. My energy at times may mirror your likes and dislikes. What you see is subjective; what you feel about me is an echo of your fears, hope and love.

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