Can Reiki Help With Back Pain?

Reiki – Helping those suffering with back pain

Back pain can manifest itself in different ways from the upper and lower back to having sciatic pain and even muscular pain in the neck. For many of my clients, Reiki is used as a complementary treatment to help relieve their back pain without the need to take additional medication.

I provide Reiki in Kelowna, British Columbia. If you are experiencing back pain and have not been able to receive treatment due to Covid restrictions, please book a session with me one on one or virtual.

I have seen a couple of people with back pain recently who have suffered for years. They have had a few operations on their lower back many years ago and have still endured enormous pain. I usually end up seeing people who have been to see physiotherapists, osteopaths, etc, and then they try me out of desperation!

One of them I saw for only two appointments and then she came for a backup treatment. She told me straight after the first reiki session that she felt immediate relief and that she was able to do things that she had not been able to do for years. This is quite unusual which is why I asked her to come back for a second session to reinforce the healing.  

The second lady who had an issue with her back for many years came to me, and again had instant relief after the first reiki treatment, and has continued to do so. However, she did come to see me for about six sessions in all as she is a keen gardener and this sometimes aggravated her back, so she just came for top-ups. 

I have not seen her now for about six weeks, so I am guessing that all is well! I do suggest to people that from time to time it is a good idea to come back and have a reiki treatment session as this can only do good, not only for the back, but it does act as a preventative for anything else that might be lurking!

Medicine free treatment for back pain

Suffering from back pain, either caused by physical injury or as a result of muscle tension caused by anxiety or stress, can lead to a debilitating condition that affects daily life. Reiki is a non-intrusive and medical-free treatment helping people deal with the pressures of having back pain. My treatment sessions help to provide more pain-free movement.

How do Reiki treatments work?

Reiki has the ability to work on many levels. As well as the physical benefits people describe, it is also known to support a person’s spiritual, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Reiki treatments offer a completely natural and holistic experience, in which the practitioner’s energy flows precisely where it is needed in the body.

The Reiki healing treatment normally runs for approximately 50/60 mins, consisting of a hands-on session with the client remaining fully clothed. When intuitively led, hands-free can also be practiced. The Reiki energy has the power to penetrate through whatever the client is wearing. Some people during their reiki healing session experience some temperature fluctuation, particularly if a lot of emotions surface during the healing session.

Each Reiki healing treatment consists of the changing of hand positions, starting at the head, working the way down the body, and finally ending at the feet. During the session, the Reiki energy will immediately connect with you. The Reiki energy has great intelligence and will go where one needs it.

What my clients say about their Reiki treatments

In my time, providing Reiki healing sessions to people across Canada, and beyond, I have had the pleasure of receiving some wonderful feedback on how the Reiki treatments have made my clients feel.

Here are some of those comments:

“Wow, that was serious energy work Ray, thank you so much. I am exhausted and resting. You are a sweetheart, bless your hands. I’m feeling very blessed and full of gratitude, that your treatment has made my body feel dramatically better and lighter!”

Andra, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. I went to see Ray as a last resort when searching for an alternative healing option to every other treatment and therapy I had exhausted to find some kind of relief for my neck issue, which had left me with chronic pain and discomfort and constant shooting pains and numbness down my right arm. From the first session, I knew this man was truly gifted and over the following months, he changed my life, mood, and sleep. The instant relief I felt was truly amazing and I have recommended him to family and friends who are now seeing him for personal treatments.”

Janice, Reiki Treatment Client, Canada

If you are suffering from back pain and are looking to Reiki as an alternative treatment, then please feel free to book an appointment. I will be delighted to help you.

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